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Benjamin Rogojan - AKA Seattle Data Guy

Before switching to consulting full-time, I worked at Facebook as a data engineer. But eventually, I built up a book of business that allowed me to quit my job at Facebook and actually, to my surprise, double my income.

It took me several years to get to this point and a lot of lessons along the way. That's why I put together this course. I want to share those lessons with you. So you too can quit your full-time job(if that's your goal). Or perhaps just provide a way for you to create a side income by finding projects you want to work on!

So let's dive into what this course offers below.

Course curriculum

    1. Intro - How I Started Consulting

    2. Consulting Vs Contracting

    3. Levels Of Consulting

    4. Finding A Niche

    5. Where Are You Now - Putting Together A One Pager?

    6. How Do You Decide Your Pricing Strategy

    7. Impostor Syndrome - And How To Deal With It

    8. Deeper Dive Into Pricing

    9. Tools And Tech To Help You Out

    10. Are You Ready To Start Consulting?

    1. Intro To Getting Clients

    2. Marketing Basics Part 1

    3. Marketing Basics Part 2

    4. Content Marketing Practice

    5. Marketing Basics Part 3

    6. Linkedin Practice

    7. Distributing Your Content And Other Final Marketing Tips

    8. Sales Basics

    9. Sales Basics 2

    10. Vendor Partnerships

    11. Sub-Contracting

    12. Using Client Referrals To Sell

    13. Marketing - Walking Through Linkedin Posts

    14. Sales Tips For Technical Professionals

    15. Increasing Inbound Leads 1 Hour Webinar

    16. How To Land Clients At Networking Events And Conferences

    1. The Truth About The Client

    2. Onboarding Checklist Template

    3. Always Be Delivering

    4. Scoping Projects Workshop

    5. Always Be Driving Value

    6. Communicate Communicate Communicate

    7. Wrapping Up Your Project

    8. Data Analytics Question Example

    9. Discovery Offering

    10. Proposal/SOW Template

    1. What Can You Deliver?

    2. 30-60-90 Day Plan

    3. Auditing 101

    4. Data Infra Analysis

    5. Data Infra Audit Example

    6. How To Write A Proposal - Walking Through Your First Proposal

    7. How To Actually Deliver A Project - Tips From Adam Sroka

    8. Proposal Template

    9. Consulting Project Example - Embedded Analytics Discovery Project

    10. Consulting Project Example - The Basic Data Stack

    11. Consulting Project Example - Migrations And Greenfields

    12. Consulting Project Examples - How To Set-up Trainings And Seminars - Making 10k In 4 Hours

    1. Don't Work Per Hour

    2. Getting Clients To Buy Access

    3. Start Saying No - Don't Work On Small Projects

    4. Stop Working For No Pay

    5. Don't Lose Money

    6. A Framework For Finding More Valuable Projects

    1. Building A Consulting Agency With Luke Komiskey

    2. From Growing A Consulting Agency To World Renowned Author - Joe Reis

    3. Lessons From 5 Years Of Consulting - Jeff Skolberg

    4. How To Deliver Value As A Consultant And Align The Business With The Data Team

About this course

  • $699.00
  • 58 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content


“I took part in this recently. Benjamin Rogojan knows his stuff and is a great presenter. Definitely would recommend it to those who are considering doing their own consulting. I definitely learned a lot from the content. I also got to meet other great people doing the course and was inspired by their progress. The other thing I got from the course was that we all have the skills or can learn the skills that is required to deliver value and in turn attract potential clients. Thanks again for putting this course together.”

Tam Luong

“Enrolling in this course and joining the dynamic Discord community has revolutionized my journey as a solopreneur. This program condenses vital consulting insights into an efficient 5-week curriculum, sparing me the effort of sifting through an overwhelming sea of resources. But it's not just about information; the thought-provoking questions steer me towards action, shifting my mindset from contemplating consulting to actively pursuing it. However, the true gem lies within the supportive Discord community—a bedrock of solidarity and networking. Here, I not only find camaraderie but also a strategic filter for the expansive technical vendor landscape. The community curates the vendors deserving of attention, providing balanced pros and cons along with trusted, personal reviews. It's like having an entire expert network at your fingertips.”

David McCandless

“After taking Ben's course and mentorship, I was able to get 4 freelancing projects. I am now on my way to become an independent consultant and very soon I would be quitting my job and doing full-time data engineering consulting. Ben answered all my questions patiently and guided me on my next steps. I would recommend this course to anyone who is planning to switch to technical consulting and build a consulting business.”

Neeraj Sujan

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There are a lot of challenges you will face if you are a consulting company of one. First, it's lonely and hard to know what the right thing is to do sometimes. Also, in order to land some of those 6-7 figure contracts, you will need to put more than one face on a proposal. That's why, the Technical Freelancer Academy also offers a private community that you can join and have access to with your subscription. You can ask questions and find other consultants to help you on more targeted issues.

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